Healing Hollow Essential Sun Protection

A completely natural sunscreen made with oils that contain natural SPF protection and 100% chemical free, nut and gluten free. Most organic sunscreens still contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide however these are still chemical compounds and we do not ad these to our sunscreen. There are natural sunscreens now being approved by Health Canada but most agencies are still in the habit of recommending chemical sunscreens because of lack of research or beliefs. Healing Hollow EsSUNtial Protection has not been approved.

Safe for daily use but we recommend a healthy dose of vitamin D as well to prevent various ailments caused by lack of vitamin D. Increasing your B and C vitamins also helps protect your skin. Keep in mind that you may still get some color to skin using this sunscreen as it can takes a little while for skin to adjust to no chemicals. You will not feel a burn or redness though.

Ingredients and Information:

Red Raspberry Seed oil provides the highest broad spectrum UV protection against UVA and UVB rays because of its high levels of vitamin E, A and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Research states that the SPF is as high as 28-50

Wheat Germ- SPF 20, prevents free radical damage, high in vitamin E, K, B.

Carrot Seed Oil-SPF 38-40 and high levels of vitamin A

Coconut Oil-heals skin and blocks UV damage, SPF 10, antioxidant properties,
– coconut oil, wheat germ oil, red raspberry seed oil,  roman chamomile, carrot seed, rice bran and myrrh. (118 mls)


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