Bummis Fabulous Flo Pads

  • soft, breathable organic cotton against the skin
  • super absorbent with a waterproof backing - no more leaks!
  • slim, trim and contoured for an amazing fit
  • comfy and non toxic - no more plasticky disposables
  • the heavy pad comes in two separate pieces for added leak protection at night - once pads are prepped, the absorbent piece will be slightly narrower than the waterproof liner, meaning any liquid near the sides of the pad will be caught by the waterproof liner, sono wicking onto underwear!
  • simple to wash with a regular load of laundry on cold or warm
  • eco-friendly and made in Canada with exquisite attention to detail using fabrics manufactured in the USA
  • Please note that orders of single pads and packs will be shipped in assorted prints. The regular pads and panty liners are all one piece. The heavy pad is two pieces (shown below) and the heavy pad 3-pack contains 3 absorbent cotton pads and 1 snap-on waterproof liner in an assorted print.

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