Carson's Cloth Swimwear

Looking for a swimsuit for your child this season? 
Carson's Cloth is a local company who creates unique swimwear for babies and children! The items are made of a UPF 50 material and athletic wicking jersey for the lining.

Cut/Style Options:
SS- Short Sleeve 
LS- Long sleeve
Bikini- bikini cut on the lower half
Bikini Bottoms- Suit bottoms in the bikini style, no upper piece.
Shorties- Boy short cut on the lower half
Boy Shorts- Suit bottom in the boy short style, no upper piece.
Snaps- Snaps on the bottom, great for potty breaks/ diaper changes
Top- The top only, no bottom portion.
1 Piece- One piece swimsuit, no need to purchase a separate bottom or top

All Carson's Cloth items are handmade in Aldergrove, B.C.

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