Snappies One Size Bamboo Diaper

Snappies cloth diapers are One-Size (OS). These diapers are ideal for newborns to toddler’s alike (6-40lbs). The outer cover is made up of a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) fabric. This fabric was originally developed for the medical industry but gained its popularity in the baby world for its advantages. This fabric is soft, movable and most importantly waterproof. It can withstand high temperatures, plenty of utility, and is comfortable to wear.

The outer TPU cover and the inner Bamboo absorbent layer are attached as one unit. In addition to this, each cloth diaper also comes with its own Bamboo Insert. The OS Cloth Diaper has all the features you need in one package.

Features of our OS Cloth Diaper:

• Functions like a disposable, except you don’t throw it away!
• No separate cover required
• Easy to use and wash
• Available in a variety of colours and prints
• Friendly to Mother Earth!

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