Swing Thing

This product is ethically made in Vancouver, Canada, and is patent pending

The Swing Thing™ is a compact bucket swing insert that has a removable outer covering made of waterproof fabric. The Swing Thing™ has an adjustable Velcro backing,so it can grow with your child. 


1. Undo the elastics. 2. Place the Swing Thing™ into the front of the bucket swing with the logo facing outward. 3. Fasten each of the front Velcro straps, making sure they meet at the outer front of the swing. 4. Place your child into the swing with their stomach pressed against the cushioning. 5. Secure your child using the large Velcro back strap so that they are snug. Ensure that you have pressed it together for maximum comfort and security.


1. Undo the Velcro back strap. 2. Slide the child to the back of the swing (or take them out of the swing). 3. Undo the front fastened Velcro straps from the front of the swing. 4. Fold the small fastening straps on to one another (non logo side). 5. Starting from the shorter back strap end, roll tightly over the already folded fastening straps. 6. Finish by wrapping the longer back strap around the outside, and secure with the elastics.

This is NOT a safety product. Do not ever leave your child unattended in the Swing Thing.™ This product is only recommended once your child can independently hold their neck and head up. 

To Wash: Remove the foam from the outer casing, then machine wash in warm/hot water and tumble dry on low. Wash your Swing Thing alone to avoid the Velcro catching other items.

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